Welcome to the Battle of the Countries tournament series! 

The tournments are part of our Anti-Corona Online League for young players.

This is NOT any type of official event, but a private initiative of several big national schools. We invite everyone interested to join!

The tournament is devided into two leagues for now, Royal League and Usurper League (this is because of the Lichess restrictions that allow only 10 teams per battle). 

Battles are organised as an Arena tournament 5+5 for 1 or 1,5 hour. Any number of players per team can play (you do not get paired against players from your own team), but only 10 or 20 best results count for the team score at the end.

We organise battles once a week, on Saturdays. 3 teams each week get promoted from Usurper League to Royal League and visa versa. If you are a new team, you start at Usurper League. 

Team leaders are responsible to make sure that players on their team are actually 16 or less :-D


How to join for team leaders: 

- create a junior team of your country (call it COUNTRY Junior). NB! This is not a tournament for separate clubs. If you are a club, join the existing team of your country.

- send a PM to @Fleur_Syigestie on Lichess and ask to join


How to join for players:

- join the team of your country (click on the country name below)

- join the tournament (click on the tournament link)

Leagues Week 24:

ROYAL League:

When: Saturday 13th June, 15:00-16:30 CET

Teams: Norway,  Bulgaria,   Spain 

 Macedonia,  Venezuela, SwitzerlandGibraltar,  Turkey, England

Tournament link: https://lichess.org/tournament/SGMSozvC


When: not playing this week


Tournament link: 


The winner of the League receives a diploma from our illustrator :-D All the diplomas will be displayed here (if the team leader needs a PDF copy; send a PM to @Fleur_Syigestie on Lichess)